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How To Clean Mattress Stains

Posted on January 18, 2023

Zero Odor’s mattress cleaning service in Anaheim will always be the number one option when your bedroom needs a quick refresh. Our customers keep coming back because nobody compares to our Anaheim mattress cleaning. We focus on every detail and deliver results while practicing the most reliable methods. 

But there are times when you spill something on your mattress and it needs immediate attention. We’re talking stains of the worst kind that require swift action before our Anaheim mattress cleaning technicians can get there. Zero Odor is happy to share our expertise in an attempt to save your mattress before it’s too late! 

Prior to calling Zero Odor for mattress cleaning in Anaheim, there are three types of mattress stains that typically need cleaning right away. Those stains are blood, urine, and sweat stains. Professional Anaheim mattress cleaning will be able to remove these stains as well, but this is what you can do in the meantime for improved results.

1. Blood Stains

The natural red color of blood and its ability to clot make it one of the toughest stains to remove from a mattress. Mattress cleaning in Anaheim should pinpoint blood stains as soon as you notice them and begin taking steps toward removal. Blood stains become increasingly more difficult to get rid of the longer you wait. 

Hydrogen peroxide has been known to work quite well on blood stains. The properties in the solution are ideal for blood stain removal. When you first apply the substance to the stain, take a few drops of cold water and mix it in with the hydrogen peroxide. Then, slowly continue to apply the mixture until you see the stain start to dissipate. If it doesn’t, wait for Zero Odor’s Anaheim mattress cleaning technician to arrive.

2. Urine Stains

Urine stains are tricky to handle and they usually come out of frustration. Whether it’s from one of your children wetting the bed or an accident made by your pet, urine stains take an emotional toll on whoever’s responsibility it falls on to clean it. If the spot is still wet, you have a better chance of eliminating the stain immediately.

Dried-up urine stains are troublesome. It requires more chemicals and more scrubbing. In the end, you’re better off contacting Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning and utilizing our professional mattress cleaning in Anaheim. We have the equipment and cleaning supplies to remove urine stains efficiently so your mattress isn’t damaged long-term. 

3. Sweat Stains

The majority of mattress stains can be traced back to one spill or a distinct moment. Sweat stains tend to build gradually over time from sleeping in the same position every night. Yellow stains are a common sign that your mattress has deep-rooted sweat stains. Mattress cleaning in Anaheim handled by our staff at Zero Odor yields productive results.

If you feel the need to begin Anaheim mattress cleaning sooner, warm water and dish soap can help attack musty sweat stains. Adding a few sprays of your favorite air freshener won’t hurt either. We would caution against using any harsh chemicals to prevent permanent damage to your mattress. Once we start the process of professional mattress cleaning in Anaheim, we’ll take care of the rest!

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