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When you need carpet cleaning in Anaheim, there is only one number worth calling. You found it!

Carpet Cleaning In Anaheim

Carpet Cleaning Service

Our carpet cleaning services are done by highly trained professionals. Don’t rely on a lesser service when you can always call Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Anaheim. Our expert cleaning technicians can make everything look nicer for you – no work on your end is required! Contact us now, and we can come to your house today.

Our cleaners have all of the tools and cleaning knowledge necessary to get your carpet cleaned. There’s more dirt in there than you may realize, and we’ll know which of our cleaning techniques will get it out. We can change our style for your changing needs.

Steam Carpet Cleaning In Anaheim

One way to get your carpet cleaned is through the tried and true steam cleaning process. This is an incredibly effective way to eliminate grime trapped within and a fantastic choice for your Anaheim carpet cleaning. The steam cleaning process itself is also pretty simple.

Steam cleaning machines fire hot water at high pressure into your carpet fibers, along with minimal cleaning chemicals. This combination melts and dissolves most carpet soils within. Anything that isn’t dissolved is rocketed to the surface, where a run-of-the-mill vacuum can suck it up with no issue. It’s a very straightforward process.

Dry Carpet Cleaning In Anaheim

While steam cleaning is a solid choice, it might not work for you. In those instances, we also perform dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning works differently from steam cleaning, but it’s still a fantastic way to eliminate carpet soils. Overall, it’s a perfectly valid alternative for your Anaheim carpet cleaning.

Dry cleaning technicians scrub in chemicals, ensuring they reach the bottom of the carpet fibers. Here, a chemical reaction starts. The carpet soils are dissolved and begin to rise to the surface, where they can be vacuumed later. After everything is vacuumed up, your carpets should be good to go.

Which Anaheim Carpet Cleaning Is Right For You?

So how do you choose between steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning? Which one’s our better Anaheim carpet cleaning technique?

Overall, steam cleaning is generally more effective than dry cleaning. It affects a greater variety of carpet soils and uses fewer chemicals.

The problem with steam cleaning is that it’s a very vigorous process. In fragile carpets, it can uproot fibers and cause dyes to run. It also has a much longer drying time. “Dry” carpet cleaning has a drying time too, but it’s much shorter and therefore better on carpets that need to be walked on often.


How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?

This depends on whether you got dry cleaning or steam cleaning. You should give several hours for steam cleaning, while dry cleaning could be only a matter of minutes.

Why did my carpet turn brown after cleaning it?

Sometimes professional cleaning wicks up particles from old stains, causing them to reappear. This should go away after a standard cleaning on your end. No need to hire another professional.

Should the carpet be vacuumed after cleaning?

It’s a great idea to vacuum your carpet after getting it cleaned.

Does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner wash carpets?

A wet vac is one way to clean your carpet, but you can also hire a professional to steam clean your carpet to ensure a high-quality clean. Call us for carpet cleaning in Anaheim.

What is the best thing to clean carpet with?

The best way to get your carpet cleaned is to have a professional steam clean it. If you need Anaheim carpet cleaning, be sure to give us a call.

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